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Rental expenses you can deduct

You can deduct any reasonable expenses you incur to earn rental income. The two basic types of expenses are current expenses and capital expenses.

For more information on what we consider a current or capital expense, go to Current expenses or capital expenses.

Some expenses you incur are not deductible. For more information, go to Expenses you cannot deduct.

If you are modifying a building to accommodate persons with disabilities, buying an older building, or encounter other situations, go to Capital expenses - Special situations.

The following is a list of expenses that are deductible:

  • Advertising

  • Insurance

  • Interest

  • Professional fees (includes legal and accounting fees)

  • Repairs and maintenance

  • Management and administration fees

  • Motor vehicle expenses

  • Office expenses

  • Other expenses

  • Prepaid expenses

  • Property taxes

  • Salaries, wages, and benefits (including employer's contributions)

  • Travel

  • Utilities

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